Senior Backend Engineer

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job Duration3 Months or more
  • Project deadlineExpired

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Senior Backend Engineer

:clock2: Temporality: Full time
:earth_americas: Country of residence: LatAm
:factory: Company: an on-demand talent cloud platform connecting companies with remote and vetted talent across the globe.


✅Build and maintain backend APIs and services that will be used by client applications and other services. These APIs will need to be highly available and performant under high levels of traffic.

✅Actively participate in the design and architecture phases of upcoming features and services.

✅Content Services developers go beyond taking ownership of their code, but also assist with the infrastructure automation that enables their code to be deployed, migrated, and upgraded successfully across multiple environments, with zero downtime.

✅Content Services developers promote an inclusive, positive team culture and mutual respect.


:white_check_mark:B.S. degree in Computer Science, or related field, or equivalent work experience

:white_check_mark:5+ years of experience in software development

:white_check_mark:2+ years experience building highly performant, scalable, and available backend APIs and services

:white_check_mark: Mastery of one or more programming languages such as Golang, Java, C#, C/C++, Javascript, Typescript, and more

:white_check_mark:2+ years of experience building containerized applications (e.g. Docker)

:white_check_mark:Very strong technical communication skills

:white_check_mark:AWS, or similar cloud experience, or strong understanding of cloud concepts

:white_check_mark:Must be able to work effectively in a remote, collaborative, and distributed team environment

:white_check_mark: 2+ years developing with Golang and excellent understanding of Golang programming concepts

:white_check_mark:2+ years of experience working deeply with AWS technologies such as EKS, ECS, Fargate, Lambda, Elasticache, Aurora/RDS, SQS, SNS, and more

:white_check_mark:Experience designing, developing, and deploying one or more services that have high-volume (RPS) and/or broad usage (MAUs)

:white_check_mark:Intermediate to expert knowledge of EKS, GKE, AKS, or vanilla Kubernetes with practical experience

:white_check_mark: Previous experience with video streaming platform

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