When talent is part of Jobbi, can they be expelled from the platform? ❌

In this article:

Yes, it is a possible scenario. It can happen if:

We do not tolerate actions considered serious offenses within the Community, such as:

Not complying with the agreed terms with the client in the project you are participating in without communicating it to us or seeking a joint solution.

Cutting off contact with us or the client repeatedly. If we cannot reach you, we will eventually assume that you are ghosting us and have no interest in continuing the relationship, and as a result, we will terminate it.

Promoting the closure of the opportunity or service offer outside of Jobbi. 

In essence, we ensure that we are truly THE PLACE TO BE for those who are part of Jobbi. Nevertheless, we want you to know that if you ever need help from us, just ask! We'll try to do everything in our power to assist you. ??️