Terms and Conditions of Jobbi Referral Program for Clients

1. Eligibility:
a. Any individual above the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the Jobbi referral program.

2. Eligible Users in the Referral Program:
The Jobbi referral program is open to various types of users, each with different roles and eligibility criteria for referring and being referred:

  • Referring Clients: Current Jobbi clients with the ability to refer other businesses or individuals interested in Jobbi’s talent hiring services.
  • Referred Clients: Businesses or individuals referred by a referring client who express interest in Jobbi’s hiring services or talent projects.
  • Jobbers (Jobbi Registered Talent): Skilled professionals already registered on the Jobbi platform who can refer clients or companies seeking talent services.
  • Jobbi Ambassadors: Individuals external to the Jobbi platform not registered as clients or talent but wish to refer businesses or individuals interested in Jobbi’s services.

All these users have the opportunity to participate in the Jobbi referral program according to the terms and conditions outlined above. Each user category is subject to regulations and eligibility criteria set by Jobbi.
Jobbi reserves the right to modify eligible user categories and participation criteria in the referral program at any time without prior notice.

3. Referral Process:
a.The referred party must provide accurate and complete information at the time of the referral.
b. The referrer may not refer themselves or any person with whom they have a direct employment relationship, including full or part-time employment contracts.
c. Referring individuals with whom there is a contractual relationship for direct or indirect professional services is prohibited unless allowed by specific policies set by Jobbi.
d. The referrer will be required to provide information about their bank account when the referred party completes their transaction. It is the referrer’s responsibility to provide complete information for receiving the bonus.
e. Jobbi reserves the right to reject any referral that does not meet established standards.
d. Jobbi se reserva el derecho de rechazar cualquier referencia que no cumpla con los estándares establecidos.

4. Payment Structure:
a. Referral commissions and bonuses will be paid only after the referred party becomes a client and makes payment to Jobbi.
b. Commissions will be calculated according to the following salary amount table and will be credited based on the amount of income generated by the referred party.

Referral commission discount for referred client

Bonuses for referrers

c. Jobbi se reserva el derecho de modificar la estructura de pagos del programa de referidos en cualquier momento y sin previo aviso.

5. Payments and Referral Eligibility:
a. Referral commissions will be paid once eligibility is verified, and it is confirmed that the referred party has become a Jobbi client.
b. Eligibility to receive referral commissions is subject to Jobbi’s approval and confirmation.

6. Process Tracking and Payment Process:
The referrer will receive periodic email updates on the progress of the hiring process or project of the referred person.
For project-related payments, the referrer will receive the referral bonus once the project is completed, and Jobbi has received the initial payment.

7. Referrer Bonus and Referred Client Discount:
The referrer will receive a bonus according to the conditions outlined in the referral program.
For the referred client, the discount will be applied to their first hiring payment. This discount will be applied to the commission of the person with the lower salary if the hiring involves multiple individuals.
It is important to note that discounts and bonuses will be applied according to the established conditions and are subject to current policies at Jobbi. These terms apply to all referrals and transactions made through the referral program.

8. Liability:
a. Jobbi is not responsible for any false statements or incorrect information provided by the referrer.
b. Jobbi reserves the right to suspend or terminate participation in the referral program in case of fraud, inappropriate conduct, or any violation of these terms and conditions.

9. Modifications to Terms:
a. Jobbi reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
b. Participants are encouraged to periodically review the terms and conditions to be aware of any changes.

10. Acceptance of Terms:
a. By participating in the referral program, both the referrer and the referred party agree to comply with these terms and conditions in their entirety.
By participating in the Jobbi referral program, both the referrer and the referred party acknowledge and understand the aforementioned terms and conditions.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact Jobbi at info@jobbi.me

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